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Monday, December 10, 2018

Full Harvest Exhibition

Two Interior Design sophomore students’ work were showcased in the full harvest exhibition. Their work is from an assignment from the Interior Design faculty Bill Morgan’s class. Students select a meaningful object, photograph it as it undergoes change or mutation, and then create a habitable space by using multiple modalities such as sketching, model building, and orthographic projection.

Shaimaa Khodr –Wafer City (graphite, foam board)
Wafers remind me of my childhood in the way of how I used wafers as buildings and stack them at the top of each other to get different building shapes. My project focuses on the layers of the wafers and how the taste differs from the inside (chocolate) and the outside (biscuit). From that point,  I started constructing the idea of having a space that looks and feels different from the outside and the inside. Eroding the base and sides reflects the torsional force needed to access both inside and outside simultaneously.

Devon Moore – Value of Light (graphite, styrene, foam board)
An exploration of light as duality. Light simultaneously reflects and receives, it is both positive and negative, sacred and profane. It infers lightness and darkness, knowledge and ignorance. This project signifies growth through the control and manipulation of the light source, using contrast and the linearity of shadows to imply movement.

From Left: Devon Moore & Shaimaa Khodr