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Monday, October 10, 2016

ART Building After-Hour Access (Note: Accessible with ID CARD ONLY)

From October 10th, CVAD will activate the swipe card readers on the exterior of the Art Building. CVAD students, faculty and staff will have the ability to swipe into the Art Building for after-hours access.

Weekdays After-Hour starting at 11 pm (ART Building)
Weekends After-Hour starting at 10 pm (ART Building)

The Art Building will have a building monitor scheduled to work weekdays from 5pm – 11pm and weekends from noon – 5pm. Another Building monitor will be scheduled to work in the Welch St. modular until 10pm during weekends. That monitor will provide support to the Art Building as needed. The ART building will automatically lock after the building monitors shift and access will only be granted through the swipe card readers.

Students, to be granted access to the building you must be enrolled in a CVAD course. Also, if you are a returning student and your UNT ID card is older than 5 years you may need a new UNT ID card. Please visit Student Accounting and University Cashiering Services at the Eagle Student Services Center to receive a new UNT ID card.

How to get your UNT Student ID card
1. Go to the 1st Floor of the Eagle Student Services Center on the Denton Campus. ID Systems is located at the Student Accounting office, room 105.
2. Provide us with your UNT EMPL ID Number (8 Digit Number that students can locate online at my.unt.edu by clicking on "Student Center" and then "Demographic Data" under the "Personal Information" section). Let us know which card works best for you.
3. Students selecting the Standard Card will have their picture taken and will receive their ID card.

CVAD Students, faculty and staff that are unable to swipe into the building after-hours next week with a current UNT ID card will need to visit the key shop on campus. The key shop is located on the NE corner of Sycamore Hall and can only be accessed from the exterior of the building. The key shop will verify that the magnetic swipe on the back of your ID card is coded correctly. The key shop hours are Monday – Friday 8am-5pm.

The following rooms will remain locked after the posted hours or last scheduled class.
• CVAD Computer Lab Classrooms (last scheduled class)
• CVAD Main Computer Lab (posted hours)
• Woodshop (posted hours)
• Metals and Jewelry (posted hours)
• Art Education Room 322 (last scheduled class)
• Gallery Room 113 (posted building monitor hours)
• FabLab (posted hours)
• Photo Documentation Room 314 (posted hours)

Tyler York
Facilities Resource Manager
College of Visual Arts and Design
University of North Texas