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Monday, May 2, 2016

Living Modern Furnishings & Design Hiring Sales and Admin Assistants

Living Modern Furnishings & Design in Dallas is looking for two employees that have recently or are about to graduate from the Interior Design Program at UNT. They are full time and immediate needs

The first is a Sales/Design Assistant that will have direct contact with potential customers, designers, builders and architects. This person will be reporting directly to ownership and does not need to have a high level of experience, but needs to be very personable, have good style sense and like sales. This position will be paid with base and commission.

The second is more of an Admin/Design assistant that will be helping the firm with tasks more of an administrative nature as well as assisting any CAD needs. This position will be paid hourly.

Please send resume to Evan.

Evan Gerstein, Principal & CEO
Living Modern 
Furnishings & Design
3900 Oak Lawn Avenue
Dallas, Texas 75219
Tel 214-559-7050