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Monday, April 25, 2016

UNT Interior Design MA for Sustainability Program Participated in Earth Day Texas 2016

UNT Interior Design program participated in Earth Day Texas 2016 at Fair Park Dallas from April 22nd to 24th. The program showcased Grad Track students’ sustainable design projects and activities through banners and videos.  

The Interior Design program offers the MA for Sustainability program which prepares students to not only study, but to define and re-invent solutions for the fundamental challenges that impact the interior design profession in an increasingly changing world. The MA for Sustainability is a Grad Track Degree Program at UNT. The Grad Track refers to an accelerated Bachelor’s and Master’s degree program designed to allow highly successful undergraduate students to use graduate courses taken as an undergraduate to apply towards both the graduate and undergraduate degrees.

The MA for Sustainability program offers holistic learning processes of interior design with an emphasis on sustainability. The program strives to nurture and advance interior designers’ professional design knowledge and skills in sustainable design. The program strengthens and supports the knowledge, skills, and techniques necessary in competent interior design practice while providing the profound exploration of sustainable design. This includes proficiencies that address sustainable project management practices, research methods, problem solving, critical thinking, graphic and written communication, ethics, and social responsibility.

The curricular objectives of the MA for Sustainability program are to improve our graduates’ abilities to:

• understand the concept and history of sustainability
• understand work ethics and social responsibility
• understand research foundation and methodologies
• critically review literature relevant to their project/research topics
• identify and develop their project/research agenda
• investigate self-elected questions by means of research
• specialize and expand their body of knowledge for sustainability
• manage sustainable design projects professionally
• demonstrate effective writing and presentation skills for knowledge exchange
• understand the global impact of sustainable design on individuals, groups and society
• work in a collaborative environment

The MA in Sustainability candidates are expected to develop sustainable projects and plan a course of investigation that leads to the discovery of new insights into sustainable built environments. This graduate level investigation includes both studio work and scholarly investigation using the research process.