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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

UNT Interior Design Student Winners at IIDA Student Conference

The 2013 IIDA (International Interior Design Association) Texas Oklahoma Chapter's Student Conference in Houston brings together students, professionals, educators, and manufacturers' representatives for two days of academic and professional enrichment. The conference hosted about 150 students from universities and interior design programs across Texas, Oklahoma, and the central United States.

The mission of the IIDA Texas Oklahoma Chapter's Student Conference is to provide a comprehensive educational experience focused on the application of progressive and practical design solutions in conjunction with insight from practicing professionals. Students participated in a myriad of activities focused on exploring varying avenues of design disciplines and applications.

Design Charrette:
The Design Charrette was composed of the top students from each Campus Center who were then split into groups.  Students were given four hours to provide a design solution for the problem administered by the local architecture firm Ziegler +Cooper.

Claire Fritchie, UNT Interior Design junior, was a part of the 1st place team.

Claire Fritchie

Miranda Ward, UNT Interior Design junior, was a part of the 3rd place team.

Miranda Ward

Design Charrette Winners
Seventh from left: Claire Fritchie
First from right: Miranda Ward

Sara Allen, UNT Interior Design junior, was the recipient of the IIDA Tuition Reimbursement Scholarship.  Letters of recommendation, a statement of interest, experience and service to IIDA, the campus, and community are all criteria for the scholarship.  The largest part of the decision making process is the portfolio submitted by the student.

Second from left: Sara Allen
Adrian Cardenas, Interior Design senior, received a Travel Reimbursement Grant.
Second from left: Adrian Cardenas
UNT Interior Design Group
Top line from left to right: Adrian Cardenas, Elizabeth Sterling, Claire Fritchie, Hanna Kim, Geraldine Sumolang, and Gibb Thimamontri
Bottom line from left to right: Patricia Tram, Amanda Corbett, Emily Gibson (Faculty), Tess Hurry, Sara Allen, Miranda Ward, and Ashley Henderson