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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

UNT Interior Design Senior Show

2010 Senior Show of Interior Design program in the College of Visual Arts & Design at the University of North Texas (UNT) is held during May 1 through 6 in the UNT Art Gallery. This Senior Show is an annual design showcase of senior students’ research-based final projects which are, not limited to, residential, commercial, hospitality, and healthcare design.

The 36 graduating seniors exhibiting work are: Veronica Benavides, Adrienne Branz, Kelcie Bryant, Katy Cagle, Adelia Castellanos-Schleusz, Kara Johnston, Tanya Fritz, Cathy Gautier, Vanessa Graves, Hellen Hale, Tara Johnston, Brittany Jones, Haley Laurence, Angelle Laurent, Sarah Lippert, Audrey Liptak, Christina Masters, Adriana Mumaw, Evelyn Murphy, Kristen Nicola, Sarah Paine, Mee Ree Park, Stephanie Plunkett, Sarah Poe, Heather Ragsdale, Maria Ramirez, Reyna Sanchez, Elizabeth Snell, Candis Stills, Allison Taylor, Shelby Thompson, Andrea Torres, Stephen Walsh, April Waltman, Stephanie Wheat, and Stephanie Wohlgemuth.

Photo by Shaina Hedlund

This year’s Senior Show was an unparalleled success as celebrated by the Interior Design students, their families, and friends. As the crowd poured out of the UNT Art gallery, the gallery was flooded with praise for the students’ efforts and well wishes for graduation.

The show is free and open to the public.