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Friday, November 20, 2009

Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program for Sustainability

On Wednesday, November 18, CVAD faculty and students initiated activities on the Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program. Students will be assisting in an ongoing research project, Growing Green: Interior Design Student Perceptions of Sustainability, a current study comparing attitudes of freshmen and seniors in the interiors program.

Faculty participants:

Johnnie Stark, Ron Reed, and Dr. Jin Gyu "Phillip" Park – Assistant Professors in interior design and co-investigators of the continuing study
Keith Owens – Associate Professor, Communication Design
Amie Adelman – Associate Professor, Fibers

Student participants:

Interior Design
Stephen Walsh
Katy Cagle
Amanda Moss
Brent Arnold

Sarah Westrup

Communication Design
Meghan Besinger
Stu Taylor

The group will work through Spring 2010 to collect/analyze both quantitative and qualitative data, develop new ways to communicate research findings, and present these findings to a variety of audiences.
Funding has been provided by the UNT Undergraduate Research Initiative, a new program launched this year by the Office of the Provost to encourage and inform research at the undergraduate level.

Photo (left to right): Ron, Johnnie, Katy, Stephen, Brent and Amanda